About ABBA World Revival

ABBA World Revival was conceived in Prague in 2003. We are a ten-member unit consisting of professional musicians who got together because of their shared enthusiasm for the musical heritage of ABBA, the Swedish band of world-wide fame. Our band offers you a live performance of many of ABBA's most beloved songs with sounds and sights that are as close as ever possible to the real thing.

What we offer

Our repertoire includes approx. 30 of the best known songs of this Swedish legend from the 1970s, which were studied and rehearsed on the basis not only of ABBA's studio recordings, but also of audio and video recordings of live performances. It is our ambition to perform these songs in a way that pays perfect tribute to the mood and atmosphere of each song, as envisioned and performed by the creators of the music.

100% live

Our performance is 100% live. No pre-recorded material is ever used; all sounds are created live on stage as you hear them. The show is enhanced by an attractive image and stage choreography and, if desired, by visual effects and projection on large-format monitors.

ABBA World Revival is proud of belonging to the absolute top class in this musical category world-wide. Our concert could easily be the grand finale of your party and will most certainly impress all your guests and visitors old and young!

Our performances are perfectly suitable as full-length concerts as well as an enjoyable enrichment of company events and other public presentations.

Contact ABBA World Revival

If you are interested in more information on ABBA World Revival or in promoting an event with us then please contact us at the phone number or email address given in the contacts section.

Our Repertoire

Songwriters: Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

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